Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats For Unlimited Free K Stars Cash

kim kardashian hollywood hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an adventure game developed by Glu, where the goal is to become a Top celebrity from a Hollywood newcomer. The game is compatible with all the iOS and Android devices, and it is filled with glamour and fame.

You can become all you ever want in this game by attending photo shoots, promotional events, and other socialite activities filled by glamour and fame.

If you, too, are a Kim Kardashian Hollywood addict, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we are going to mention all the tricks, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats that will help you earn more currency in the game.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats Generator For Unlimited K Stars & Cash

If you search online for kim kardashian hollywood hack tool or generator, which can generate you unlimited free k stars and cash, Then you will land up on different web sources which are claiming to give out free cash and other in game currency in the game.

Beware of them most of them will not work as they say. We recommend you to try out some free cheats for kim kardashian hollywood which we have listed below along with the kim kardashian hollywood cash and k stars generator.

You just need to follow some simple steps to get free k stars and cash in kim k hollywood.

  1. To access the kim k generator you can use the above mentioned generator button.
  2. Once Landed on Generator Enter your details and how many resources you want.
  3. Verify that you have entered all details correctly.
  4. Hit the Generate Button.
  5. Once Generation Finished, Verify Yourself And Login Back to Game to Claim Your Free Cash And K Stars.

You can also watch the video tutorial which we have specially created to help the newbies to use the generator for kim k hollywood.

11 Best Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack Cheats Free K Stars Cash

1. Buy Clothes

The first task in the game is to buy clothes from Kim Kardashian wardrobes. To become a superstar in Hollywood, you need to have a classy collection of dresses in your closet. It will not only increase your ranking, but also it will help to level-up faster.

There are a lot of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and accessories for you to buy from Kim Kardashian. There are a lot of dresses that are a copy of the dresses which Kim Kardashian wore. The Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack is to select from the numerous dresses and become a Top star.

Always make sure to change your clothes and make-up frequently. A top star never repeats a costume and never wears a cloth for a long time. This Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack will let you earn coins by maintaining your rank in the game and collecting coins by changing costumes and make-up frequently.

2. Watch Videos And Make Free Money

In this article, we are providing an only legit way of earning KStar in the game. It is highly recommended not to use any Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack APK and mod apks to earn coins. The best way to earn free coins in a day is by watching videos in the game.

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It is not always possible to play the game daily or earn daily by completing a task. That is why; watching videos are still a life savior.

Simply take out some amount of your day to watch videos and earn a sufficient amount of coins rewards. This Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack will not only help you collect coins, but it will also help you make stars as well. Also, don’t forget to visit both sections of the menu to play more videos. There are several videos available in both parts of the game.

3. Play Long Tasks Before Finishing Off

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats guide here is to start playing a more extended task right when you are going to finish up. There are a lot of tasks that are not only too long but also drains a lot of Energy. It is not always easy to spend a lot of time doing a task.

The best way to get rid of this situation is to start playing these long tasks before sleeping. That way, as soon as you wake, the task will be finished, and your Energy will also remain secure. This Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack will also help in playing tasks without spending any real money or stars.

4. Don’t Spend Stars On Buying Costumes

Since we have already mentioned above to stay away from all those websites claiming how to hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood, you need to spend your stars very cautiously. Stars are what you need to save for more important things like going on a date and increasing networking.

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This Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats is to never spend those precious stars on buying clothes. There will be a lot of moments when you have to choose things to buy. Don’t get excited. Buy items only you need and save your stars for upgrading your level and lifestyle.

5. Date More, But Don’t get Dumped

Dating is an excellent source of earning great rewards in the game. Try to date a lot of people to increase your publicity in the game, but beware not to get dumped. Getting dumped will cost your image in public, and your rankings will reduce.

The best Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats for improving your star ranking is to be on the social news. If you date a lot, you will have more fans, and your Status will rise.

This way, it won’t be a proper date, and the chances to be dumped will also reduce. Make sure to mute the conversation bubble while meeting that person to keep them stick for a long time. The more you make them wait, the better will be the rewards without getting dumped.

6. In-App Purchases

The game is a free-to-play game, but the gameplay and quests take a lot of effort, time, and Energy. There are a lot of ways to earn in the game, but those who are ready to spend some real money can go for the In-app purchases option.

Go to the buying option in the game and purchase silver stars, coins, and other rewards to level-up faster. However, we recommend to play a real game and earn money by quests and tasks to enjoy every feature of the game.

7. Find Hidden Gems

In the game, you will get some hidden items, and they can give you money or Energy. The following are some hidden gems that you will find in the Very beginning part of game locations. Click on them and get the items at a regular interval:

  • Bird, Bike, Newspaper dispenser, Cat at Downtown LA
  • Tree, Fire hydrant, “Now Open” restaurant sign at Hollywood
  • Coffee sign, Fire hydrant, Tree, Wine bottle (inside Panino) at Beverly Hills
  • Newspaper dispenser, Suitcase, Bird, Suitcase (inside Gate 4) at LAX

Find more hidden objects at any new location you discover. The best part for this Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack is, all of them are available for free, and you can collect the items from them every two minutes.

8. Attend More Events

To become a Top star, you need to be a prominent socialite. The goal is to attend more parties, promotional events, parties, and bars to earn more rewards in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

The best answer for how to hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood is to attend as many events as you can. With each event, you will be given several tasks to complete. The sooner you finish the tasks, the higher will be the rewards.

There are also a lot of hidden rewards placed like money, stars, and energy lighting at these events. All you need to do is visit the restaurants, bars, events, and photoshoots and click on the same wine bottles. To become a star like Kim Kardashian, perform everything from photoshoots to taking selfies and socializing.

9. Adopt a Pet

You can also adopt a pet and earn rewards in Kim Kardashian Hollywood. However, be very careful before choosing a pet as it will also cost you some coins or bonuses. But once you buy it, you will also get rewards as soon as you enter it at your house.

You can get coins, money lighting, and the level point from buying them and avoiding all the Kim Kardashian Hollywood energy cheats.

10. Buy a Home

Buying a home will also help you earn money indirectly. If you buy a house for yourself, your popularity will automatically increase. You can also furnish your house from the game. Buying more properties and expensive furnishes will help you get more fame and popularity. It will help you more to the A-list quicker.

There will be many websites claiming to provide Kim Kardashian Hollywood energy cheats. It is recommended not to get into their trap and follow the legitimate ways only.

11. Performing Gigs

Gigs are the best way to earn coins and rewards in the game. There are several fashion shows, photoshoots, appearances, TV shows, films, and other appearances on which you will be given rewards for performing gigs. To get better rewards like coins, stars, and energy lighting, you need to complete a high amount of gigs. In some concerts, the number of stars offered is very high.

So, it is better to perform more gigs to become a top star like Kim Kardashian quickly other than going for Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod apk and cheats.

Best Kim Kardashian Hollywood Energy Cheats

In the store, you will find one Option to watch videos. There are multiple benefits to watching these videos. They will provide you with the following:

  • You can watch a 30-second commercial and get a K-Star.
  • When you don’t have Energy, and you are within Gigs, then click on any activity and there will be a prompt for watching a video and earn one energy. Perform the watching and earn it for free.
  • Another option of earning Energy is watching videos simultaneously in the above method for two gigs running parallel. If you run out of videos, you should log out from the game and restart. After you reboot, you will get more videos to watch.
  • In the stores, you will get the opportunity to watch videos and speed up your energy bar. After you do so, the energy bars will fill fast, and you will get one energy in 25% less time.

Beware of Scammers – Hacks & Generators!!

Several websites are surfacing over the internet, promising Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod apk and hack apks. It is to make you aware that all these websites are entirely fraud and do not provide any hacks and generators.

kim kardashian hollywood hack tool

The truth is, there is no such thing as Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack apk and generators. All they do is steal your online data and use them for non-legitimate purposes. It is better to use only the legitimate hacks and tips listed above and enjoy the game.